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     Ngày 20/10 hàng năm là dịp để chúng ta tôn vinh những người phụ nữ, những người mẹ, người chị, người em đang ngày ngày vun đắp cho gia đình, tôn vinh những cán bộ công nhân viên, những người lao động nữ đang ngày ...
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HCM City’s entrepreneurs and enterprises for 2018, the HCM City Union of Business Associations hosted a commemorative function on the afternoon of 13 Oct. 2018 at the HCM City Party Committee hall.
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The SAMCO Corporation on 12 October held a preliminary conference to review its 2018 9-month business performance and Party building task. 
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The Nguyen Van Troi Award of HCM City’s Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union was presented on the occasion of the Ho Chi Minh City Young Workers' Traditional Day (15 October). 
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     For the human resources development as well as personnel rotation regulations, the corporation just made an appointment decision.
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In order to give a professional refresher course to grassroots-level trade union officials and help improve trade union activities as well as associate with the corporation in looking after the employees’ living conditions, developing business activities, and implementing the resolution of the ...