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For the human resources development as well as personnel rotation regulations, the corporation just made the following decisions to:
: 2049
On 18 July 2018, the corporation held the 3rd mid-term preliminary conference on the implementation of the corporate Party Committee adopted resolution (2015 – 2020 term).
: 2014
On 18 July 2018, the corporate party committee solemnly held at the corporate meeting hall a ceremony to commend advanced typical groups and individuals for 2017 – 2018 that studied and followed Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts and morals.
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On a periodical basis, the SAMCO Law news-letter editorial board wishes to extend to esteemed readers law news-letter No. 54 – July 2017.
: 4176
On 10 July 2018, SAMCO inaugurated and put into use its Special Purpose Vehicle Factory, located in Cu Chi District. This is a turning-point that marks SAMCO’s new development in its production segment for special purpose vehicles.
: 1757
On 8 July 2018, SAMCO Corporation and its member companies paid a gift-giving visit to 12 Vietnamese heroic mothers and simultaneously donated 250 bicycles to poor pupils of Long An province. The total amount, worth more than VND 600 million, was jointly contributed by the Parent Company’s ...