Hoa Phu Joint Stock Company

Hoa Phu Joint Stock Company

Hoa Phu Joint Stock Company

1450 Vo Van Kiet St., Ward 1, Dist. 6, HCM City
(028) 38 553 140 – (028) 38 553 147
(028) 38 553 125

Hoa Phu Joint Stock Company was officially established in 2004 by three major and reputable shareholders:

  • Saigon Transportastion Mechanical Corporation (SAMCO)

  • Saigon Development Construction joint Stock Company (SINVESCO)

  • HCM City Technical Infrastructure Invesment Joint Stock Company (CII)

     Hoa Phu Joint Stock Company is a multi-field company operating in various business fields including:

- investiment in technical infrastructure construction;

- operation of industrial park business;

- production of mineral water.

     With a total construction area of 99.34 ha, the HCM City Automotive Mechanical Industrial Park, currently under the management by Hoa Phu Joint Stock Company, had its plan of adjusted detailed construction project officially approved by the HCM City People’s Committee according to Decision No. 5295/QĐ-UBND dated 26 September 2013. It is a clean industrial park with environment-friendly and energy-saving key industries, which are concentrated on automotive mechanical engineering, manufacturing mechanics, electricity, electronics, and supporting industries.